In January 2009, she was at a crossroads in her most significant relationship. She was
about to start school at Metro State College to study social work after taking three
years off. It seemed that she was on the brink of something important and life changing.
At the end of her vacation to New York City with her boyfriend, Chris, they boarded
Flight 1549, looking forward to going home. Shortly after the takeoff, Karin heard The
Noise and felt the plane shake. Chris tried to calm Karin’s fears, but he knew that
something had gone horribly wrong. As the plane began a 180-turn, Karin prayed,
“God, protect our plane. Gently lay our plane down. Put your angels above, below, in
front, and behind our plane.”
Sink or Swim is Karin’s riveting story of the day that Flight 1549 crashed into the
Hudson River with Captain Sully Sullenberger at the helm, and of the miraculous
survival of 155 people. Karin describes how the plane crash left her with PTSD.
However, through God’s grace and trauma counseling, along with the passage of time,
Karin learned to face the day that changed her forever.

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